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Big Thankful Pie Flight: A celebration of an American Classic - The Pumpkin

Lets celebrate the most American of holidays, Thanksgiving!

With our Big Thankful Pumpkin Pie Flight!

Classic pumpkin is very fine thing, but we cant leave well enough alone :)

Join us for a flight of 4 exquisite pies: Learn about the pies, the pumpkin and the traditions.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese: Decadent, rich and delicious with a crumble topping.

Pumpkin Pecan: Looks like a pecan pie, but with a secret - a rich pumpkiny layer underneath.

Maple Pumpkin: Oh my... what a combination maple infused pumpkin with a maple whipped cream.

Sweet Potato Bourbon: Ok.... so its not a pumpkin, but seriously close! A southern tradition with a bourbon infused whipped cream. 

Fresh brewed coffee and water included. 

Tickets are $24.00


Purchase your tickets here!